Monday, May 29, 2017

Birding Douglas County

May 26, 2017

Richard Stevens:

Rebecca Kosten and headed south to Douglas County late in the morning.  Afternoon rains accompanied by small golf ball sized hail did not enhance our birding.

We stopped at the Parker Water Treatment Plant where two White-rumped Sandpipers were reported yesterday only to find that the area is not open to the public.  A special bird trip had found the shorebirds.

A stop at Salisbury Equestrian Park did not find the previously reported Cassin's Kingbird.  We sat until the rain stopped and walked from the ball field parking area to the pond.  No shorebirds were around today.  A male MacGillivray's Warbler flying along the shore was a nice consolation.

We inspected the riparian area east of the ball fields and found a young male American Redstart high in the trees.  A Swainson's Thrush stayed close to the ground.

Our next stop was Castlewood Canyon State Park (also Douglas County).  No Ovenbirds were found today along the Creek side Trail.  An empidonax flycatcher was below the broken dam.  It did not call; it was not the Least Flycatcher we found days ago.

Three male and a female Bobolink were in the meadow south of the Winkler Ranch entrance.  Both Mountain and Western Bluebirds were inspecting bluebird boxes.

A Cordilleran Flycatcher and several Spotted Towhees were on the hillside west of the Ranch.  Three Wild Turkeys wander across Castlewood Canyon Road just north of the Ranch entrance. 

We listened for Northern Saw-whet Owls after sunset; none was heard.  A Common Poorwill did call making a nice ending to our birding afternoon.

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