Friday, May 5, 2017

Barbecue at Home, Quick Trip to Richmil Ranch

May 3, 2017

Richard Stevens:

I kept my promise to my feet not to put them in shoes today.  We had a nice relaxing barbecue on the porch in the evening!  Well not quite about the hiking boots.

Rebecca and I drove east to Richmil Ranch Open Space in the afternoon.  To be fair, I wore sandals, no shoes.

We wandered around and made it to the Windmill.  A Red-headed Woodpecker was in the cottonwoods southwest of the Windmill.  That was the highlight although we did see Cassin's Kingbirds, Western Kingbirds, an "empidonax" flycatcher and Northern Mockingbird.

Water levels in Bijou Creek and the Windmill pond were quite low.

A Bald Eagle flew over during our barbecue, a nice yard bird!

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