Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Drive Around Eastern Arapahoe County

April 17, 2017

Rebecca Kosten:Ehlmann:Amy Davenport

Sue Ehlmann, Amy Davenport and I followed a new route from Parker today.  We passed by Blackstone Country Club and took some photos of the Black Swan.

Then we drove east on County Line Road to County Road 129.  Along the way, we saw a Burrowing Owl just east of Antelope Drive and a male Lark Bunting just west of CR 129.  Both birds were north of County Line Road and therefore in Arapahoe County.  Two Vesper Sparrows were south of the road in Elbert County.

We turned north on Arapahoe CR 129 and drove to CR 30 which is also called Quincy Avenue.  A female Lark Bunting was near East Geddes Avenue.

A Loggerhead Shrike was photographed at CR 129 and East Orchard Road.  This area is the curve in CR 129 where Dickcissels were found last summer.  It is a little too early for them yet this spring.

About 0.1 miles south of CR 30, a Grasshopper Sparrow, maybe two was on the fence on the east side of CR 129.

Once we turned west on CR 30, two Prairie Falcons were seen on the telephone poles.  Farther west an adult Ferruginous Hawk also used a telephone pole.

At South Watkins Road (CR 97), we turned north.  A Red-tailed Hawk was near this intersection.  At East Yale Avenue, we picked up the eastern end of the Jewell-Yale Loop and continued westward.

At the northwest bend in Yale Avenue, (some maps call the road Smith Road here), we continued north to East Jewell Avenue.  A Bald Eagle was perched in one of the tall cottonwoods along Creek.

At Jewell our birding ended and we drove west back to Denver.  Along our way, we stopped numerous times and scoped the fields for Long-billed Curlews and Longspurs.  Neither was found.  Another Loggerhead Shrike was along Yale Avenue at 0.3 miles south of Jewell Avenue.

We expect the route to offer many birds in the weeks to come.

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