Thursday, April 20, 2017

Barr Lake and Westerly Creek Park

April 20, 2017

Richard Stevens:

Temperatures reached 63 degrees today.  Winds were 9-10 mph with gusts to 23 mph (late afternoon).  Rain started around 3:30 pm.

I also did not find the reported Red-shouldered Hawk at Barr Lake (Adams County).  I walked from the boat ramp to a mile west of the Visitor's Center footbridge.

A minor migration of birds had occurred since my visit on Monday, 4/18.  Hundreds of sparrows fluttered about along the edges of the riparian area.  My sparrow count was represented by Savannah (2), Brewer's (2), Clay-colored (1), Lincoln's (2), White-crowned (dozens) and Song (at least 4).

The pair of Osprey was again on the nesting platform at mile 8.6.  Barn Owls continued along the trek.  A Swainson's Hawk and Northern Harrier were my only hawks.

My choice to drive down to the State Capitol on business was not a good one.  The traffic was a mess due to the 4-20 mess.

On the trip home, I stopped at Westerly Creek Park (Denver).  My migrants were around this afternoon.  Added to my Park list were one Chipping Sparrow, one Green-tailed Towhee, one Spotted Towhee, two Ruby-crowned Kinglets, a dozen American Goldfinches, two Brewer's Sparrows and a Lincoln's Sparrow.  All of these birds visited the water at the retention pond east of 23rd Street.

Half a dozen White-crowned Sparrows walked underneath the flowering tree south of the retention pond.  The Harris's Sparrow was not found.  However, my stay was only a little over an hour and centered on the retention pond and bushy area to the south.  The Harris's Sparrow may still be around.

Three Burrowing Owls were again staying around the prairie dog town at West Cargo Road and Third Creek.  When it started to rain, I decided to leave and not stay around until sunset to look for Short-eared Owls.

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