Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wray Fall Count, Eastern Trip Continued

September 11-12, 2016

Richard Stevens

September 11

Richard Stevens:

Terry Michaels, Sue Ehlmann, Jacob Washburn and Ray Simmons conducted the Wray fall Count, results to be published in "Colorado Field Notes".

Highlights included:

Wray Fishing Unit (Red-eyed Vireo, Baltimore Oriole, two Eastern Bluebirds, two White-throated Sparrows)

Stalker Pond (Bell's Vireo and three Northern Cardinals)

Wray (private yards and ranches): five Northern Cardinals, one Rose-breasted Grosbeak, one Fox Sparrow (red form), Blue-headed Vireo, Tennessee Warbler, Eastern Screech-Owl, four Chimney Swifts, Northern Bobwhite, one Greater Prairie-Chicken)

 September 12

Yuma Cty
Terry Michaels and all saw a Greater Prairie-Chicken cross CR 45 between Hwy 385 and the CR 45 lek (1.7 miles to east).

Winds were 19 mph, gusts to 31 mph.  They decided to return to Denver.

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