Monday, September 26, 2016

Beautiful Lazy Day Through Arapahoe, Adams & Denver Counties

September 26, 2016

Richard Stevens:

After finishing a meeting at the Denver Tech Center, I spent 1.5 hours enjoying this fine fall day by sitting and scoping Cherry Creek Reservoir (Arapahoe) from the Lake Loop.  At last, winds were mild, one "gust" of 5 mph, mostly 2 mph or less.  Temperatures only reached the middle 70s.

I have not found the Parasitic Jaeger on my last two trips.  Also missed were Common Terns, however, I did see one juvenile Sabine's Gull and at least one Black Tern.

We drove through the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (Adams) and found a Sage Thrasher along the western side of the Bison enclosure and a late migrating Grasshopper Sparrow along the northern side.

A walk along the Legacy Trail added one Barn Owl and two Long-eared Owls to my day list.

Next, I walked outside the Arsenal, along Buckley Road between 56th and 88th avenue.  With a little effort, Burrowing Owls were found in both Adams & Denver Counties.

A detour along the First Creek Trail found few birds.  An adult & juvenile Red-tailed Hawk, one House Wren, two American Goldfinches and four White-crowned Sparrows were the total.

I was picked up at the 56th avenue end of the First Creek Trail and we headed for home.  A couple of Burrowing Owls were at Third Creek and West Cargo Road.

Note: due to health issues I am told not to drive, Rebecca drops me off and goes shopping until I call her for a pickup.

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