Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Birding Around Weld County

May 9, 2016

Richard Stevens:

Terry Michaels and I started our birding day at Banner Lakes Wildlife Area (Weld County).  The northern sections (north of Hwy 52) are closed until July 15.  We walked from Hwy 52 to the southern end.  Winds were 8 mph; skies partly sunny.

A Black-and-white Warbler was found in the Pond 3 eastern riparian area.  The highlight of the morning was a male Northern Parula along the eastern side of Pond 2.  A Long-eared Owl was found west of Pond 4.  Meager sightings considering the long 2.5 mile walk.

We then visited a friend's ranch in Weld County (called private ranch # 1 for our records).  Besides the interesting birds we found (it was quite birdy), Jim later introduced us (Colorado Birding Society) to two additional ranchers who granted permission for us to conduct bird counts!

On private ranch # 1, we found many birds which included: a Cassin's Kingbird, 3 Western Kingbirds, 2 Long-billed Curlews, 2 Mountain Plover, a Nashville Warbler and Northern Waterthrush.  The ranch does not have a creek, however it does have two ponds.

On private ranch # 2 (Weld) we came across a Lazuli Bunting, Harris's Sparrow and Ovenbird!

On private ranch # 3 (Morgan) we added another Nashville Warbler and a Hooded Warbler (expansive riparian area, creek & ponds).

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