Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Barr Lake State Park

May 23, 2016

Richard Stevens:

Late in the afternoon, I went over to Barr Lake (Adams) to stretch my legs, temperatures were in the middle 60s; anemometer readings were 6 to 9 mph.  It rained a little while I was there. 

I walked from the Visitor's Center footbridge (mile 9.0/0.0) to the boat ramp (7.6) and back.  Highlights included male Baltimore Oriole at mile 8.9; a female or young American Redstart at the banding station (8.7); a Plumbeous Vireo at mile 8.6, a Dusky Flycatcher at the Pioneer trail (8.1), a Northern Waterthrush hiding under the logs at mile 8.075, and an "Oporornis" warbler left unidentified at mile 8.05.

The Rose-breasted Grosbeak flew around at mile 8.9 for five minutes or so and then headed to the Visitor's Center.

Birder Chris found the American Redstart in the willows at the banding station.

Dozens of Western Wood-pewees, two unidentified "empidonax" flycatchers, many Bullock's Orioles, House Wrens and a few Downy Woodpeckers as well as two Barn Owls also found.

I heard the "chebek, chebek, chebek" of a Least Flycatcher, never saw the bird.  Also the "ritzbew" of a Willow Flycatcher heard but not seen.  Both birds were between the Pioneer Trail and the boat ramp.

Misses: I did not find the Lewis's Woodpecker photographed by Dave King on 5/18 (photo on Colorado Birding Society's Photo Library).  A second hand report of a Wood Thrush was between the Visitor's Center footbridge and the banding station.  I encountered no thrushes on my hike.

My birding day ended at the southwestern end of Barr Lake (access from Buckley Road).  Another female or young male American Redstart was at mile 2.5.

Thoughts and reasons for going to Barr Lake, 9 of the last 13 years, a male Baltimore Oriole has been recorded between May 20 and June 6 and 11 of the last 16 years a Gray-cheeked Thrush has been recorded during the same dates.  One out of two was not bad today.

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