Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Owls at Banner Lakes Wildlife Area

February 24, 2016

Terry Michaels

During three hour walk around the north side of Banner Lakes Wildlife Area in Weld County I found some interesting sightings.

Six Long-eared Owls were found.  Four owls were west of Lakes 5-8.  Two owls were east at the 13 Pond windbreak.

All owls were in evergreen trees.  On the west side, one owl was 4 feet off the ground, one 7 feet and the other two over 15 feet high.  The eastern birds were at 6 and 12 feet.  To answer several emails I received about the Long-eared Owls.

I watched two Great Horned Owl copulate on a nest.  The male then moved just off the nest and continued to call.

The highlight was photographing an out of place Northern Saw-whet Owl!

I hung around until dark; no Short-eared Owl showed.

On my way to Banner Lakes, I drove by Trussville Road and 114th avenue.  The Burrowing Owl was not around as I passed by.

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