Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sterling Christmas Count CoBus version

December 29, 2015

Richard Stevens:

This year we (CoBus group) chose to time our Christmas Counts on the day or day after of the Audubon Christmas Counts.  Plenty of birders were conducting their counts.  We wanted to see what birds might have been missed.  On several occasions some uncommon and interesting birds have been found!

The Sterling Christmas Count CoBus version was this morning.  Temperatures barely reach double figures.  Fortunately, winds were calm to 5 mph.  It felt cold all day.

Highlights were a Snow Bunting and Short-eared Owl at Sterling Reservoir.  Full report will be in a future "Colorado Field Notes".

After returning to Denver, I drove the DIA Owl Loop.  Shifting through 4000+ Horned Larks found zero Snow Buntings and two Lapland Longspurs.

No Short-eared Owls appeared tonight.

One other highlight, a Snowy Owl that has been observed in eastern Adams County since 12/26, was still there tonight.  The location will remain undisclosed after several of us witnessed the disturbing behavior of the Snowy Owl found along 112th avenue. 

This owl is most likely the 112th avenue bird.

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