Saturday, December 12, 2015

Snowy Owl Search

December 11, 2015

Richard Stevens:

While doing chores Bryan Ehlmann and I drove around DIA in search of the Snowy Owl that has been "missing" for two days.

Since the Snowy Owl had not been reported on the North side of DIA since 12/9, we decided to search the south side.  Temperatures were in the high 50s; winds were 12+ mph.

A flock of 20-24 Lapland Longspurs was encountered along 64th avenue, just east of the Water Treatment Plant (east of Picadilly Road).  Farther east, we counted 14 White-crowned Sparrows along the fence line.

Around 4:10 pm, we found the Snowy Owl in the field where 64th turns from a gravel road to a two track dirt road (perhaps a mile east of the Water Plant).

It appeared to capture something and fly to the high mound at the north end of the field.  We planned to return the next day to see if it was still around.

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