Sunday, July 26, 2015

Search for Barn Owls in Adams County

July 18, 2015

Richard Stevens:

Rebecca Kosten and I decided to search for the Barn Owls and Cassin's Sparrows reported yesterday by Jeff Dawson in Adams County.

Temperatures in the high 70s early in the morning made the drive through Adams County quite pleasant.  We enjoyed driving country roads that the two of us seldom explore.  Western Kingbirds and Mourning Doves appeared to be everywhere.

Arriving at Leader, we found a "ghost town" of abandoned buildings.  The no trespassing signs were not inviting.  We walked around on the County Roads and identified two Cassin's Sparrows among Vesper Sparrows and a few Grasshopper Sparrows.

At least one Cassin's Kingbird was picked out of two dozen Western Kingbirds all hawking insects.

After a reasonable hour, I walked up to a nearby farmhouse and obtained permission to count birds back at the abandoned farm at the corner of 112th avenue and Behrens Road.  We relocated three of the seven Barn Owls reported by Jeff Dawson the day before.

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