Sunday, July 26, 2015

Birds On a Trip Up North

July 25, 2015

Richard Stevens:

The hot summer continues; winds were calm.  Bryan Ehlmann and I searched unsuccessfully for the Little Blue Heron(s) of Firestone Gravel Pits.  None was found.  We did see a Caspian Tern that eventually flew west toward St. Vrain State Park.

We did not relocate the Caspian Tern when we drove around it looking for a Little Blue Heron.  No Little Blue Heron was found there either.

After a text message about Baird's Sparrow(s) in Larimer County we headed north.  We managed to hear one shortly after arriving along County Road 5.  Baird's Sparrows seldom fly in the open and we did not wait to see one.

At least two Boreal Owls were heard while we walked along Highway 14, just west of Cameron Pass.  This is a good time to find them as parents verbally keep in touch with their fledglings.

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