Monday, October 27, 2014

Looking for a Red-throated Loon

October 25, 2014

Richard Stevens:

As I passed Aurora Reservoir (Arapahoe County), I stopped to see if the Lesser Black-backed Gull was below the dam and at the scuba beach.  Unfortunately, it was present but quite far out in the water (too many anglers around).

I hoped to relocate the Red-throated Loon found earlier in the morning at Chatfield State Park.  Regrettably, it had flown before my arrival.  The two Surf Scoters below the Heronry Overlook were a nice consolation for the 45 mile drive to the park.

Later I scoped Spring Park Reservoir (Arapahoe/Jefferson), Coley Lake (Arapahoe) and McLellan Reservoir (Arapahoe) without finding the Red-throated Loon.

It was another marvelous fall day with temperatures in the low 80s and calm winds!

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