Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Long Day in Boulder County

June 7, 2014

Richard Stevens:

Bryan Ehlmann and I covered quite a bit of ground today in Boulder County.

Our first stop was Boulder Creek at 75th Street.  The previously reported Black Phoebe and Eastern Phoebe were just west of 75th.  We searched the Walden Ponds for the Little Blue Heron reported on 6/5; without success.

We then scurried over to the White Rocks Trail off Valmont Road.  Only one of the two uncommon birds was relocated.  However, we did find the better, as a Yellow-billed Cuckoo called briefly from south of Boulder Creek.  The Eastern Phoebe was not around.

Across Valmont, we hiked the Teller Lake trail.  One Dickcissel sang in the field south of when the trail goes from running south and turns west.  No Bobolink were found here this trip.

Continuing southward, a Bobolink was observed flying in the field along Cherryvale, south of South Boulder Road.  A quick check around the Park Office did not find additional Bobolink (perhaps the Bobolink here south of Boulder Road were the ones reported farther Northwest on 5/23?)

Our next stop was the Eldorado Mountain Open Space.  Eventually we observed both the Grace's Warbler and a Lewis's Woodpecker along the hike!  A Red-eyed Vireo was found along the canal behind the Eldorado Post Office.

Heading toward Denver, we stopped at Golden Gate Canyon State Park (Jefferson).  Winds had picked up to 18 mph by this time in the afternoon.  Most interesting birds were a Veery and slate colored Fox Sparrow.

Our final stop was the Apex Trail near Golden (off I70).  Several Lazuli Buntings, one Indigo Bunting (male), Spotted Towhees and another Red-eyed Vireo were observed there.

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