Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Trip to Centennial Park and Back

November 24, 2013

Richard Stevens

While out doing chores, I found myself at Centennial Park in Englewood (Arapahoe County).  More or less, 37 miles from home, a slight detour :-)

The Prothonotary Warbler showed up at the "berry bushes" about 10 minutes after my arrival.  A dozen birders were able to see it before it flew north. 

I happened to relocate the bright yellow bird in the drab yellows and browns when walking to my car.  I was able to watch it for 10 or 15 minutes as it walked along the small creek north of the blue gazebo (berry bushes area).  The warbler walked/hopped along the creek and entered many of the little cubby holes (caves/openings/etc) along the creek bank.

He searched for insects and occasionally found a spider or bug.  We only see one or two Prothonotary Warblers in Colorado each year.  I have to assume that this is the Prothonotary Warbler's typical foraging behavior (until I have time to research it further).  It was quite interesting to watch.  Result, the berries are not his only source of energy.

I cut through the Colorado State Mental Institute on my way home.  Hundreds of geese walked their grounds.  At least three Snow Geese and a Ross's Goose were among the many White-cheeked Geese.  Mostly of the White-cheeked Geese appeared to be Cackling Geese.

No uncommon waterfowl were at nearby Fort Logan National Cemetery (only White-cheeked Geese and Buffleheads).

While driving through Cherry Creek State Park earlier (Arapahoe) I did relocate several Bonaparte's Gulls and one of the Common Loons. With too many chores, I only had a few minutes to scope Barr Lake (Adams County) on my way home.  Nothing uncommon was found. 

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