Sunday, November 3, 2013

Birding Around Pueblo, Abandoned Owling Trip

October 31, 2013

Richard Stevens:

When Bryan Ehlmann, Alex B and I reached Pueblo winds were 10-12 mph, gusts to 22+ mph.  Last night we had searched for owls (specifically Northern Saw-whet Owls) in 14+ mph winds.  When it started snowing, we abandoned the idea.

In spite of the high winds, our Pueblo Reservoir count included the Laughing Gull, Bonaparte's Gulls and Common Loon.  Regrettable misses included the Lesser Black-backed Gull and Pacific Loon.

A Black Phoebe was found west of the Valco Ponds parking area.

Our plans to go owling in southern Pueblo County were deserted when we decided the winds were not going to die down tonight.  None of us looked forward to another night of howling winds and no owls. 

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