Saturday, November 9, 2013

Trip Into the Mountains West of Denver

November 9, 2013

Richard Stevens:

Saturday was another pleasant fall day in Colorado.  The highs in Denver were around the middle 60s; winds were 10+ mph.

Four of us headed into the mountains today; target birds were White-tailed Ptarmigan and Rosy Finches.

We found all three species of Rosy Finches in Summit County (only one Black).  Clark's Nutcrackers, Gray Jays, three species of nuthatches, Mountain & Black-capped Chickadees, Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers and one very late Band-tailed Pigeon.

We scoped Loveland Pass (Clear Creek) from the eastern and western side of the Summit without finding any Ptarmigan.  Having not wanting to hike the steep mountain on the west side of Loveland Pass, we decided to first drive down the pass first and scope the hills.

Fortunately, we found a pair of Ptarmigan below the trees east of Highway 6 (while we were parked at the first large pullover on the west side of hwy 6).

We drove through Keystone Village searching unsuccessfully for Evening Grosbeaks.  None was found in Georgetown either.  Two male Red Crossbills were at the Georgetown City Park.

A stop for an hour did not turn up the Golden-crowned Sparrow at Red Rocks Park (Jefferson).

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