Sunday, September 22, 2013

Limping Around Cherry Creek State Park, Arapahoe County

September 21, 2013

Richard Stevens:

For those keeping track (why would you want to?) several weeks ago, I broke a toe on a steel leg of my bed.  This morning I was at the hospital visiting a friend when I received the text message about a Red Phalarope & Arctic Tern at Cherry Creek Reservoir (Arapahoe County).

While rushing out of the hospital, I caught the broken toe on the elevator door and took off the toenail.  What the heck, it was almost healed (at least not hurting when I put on hiking boots).

Being only 8 miles from Cherry Creek Reservoir I drove over and limped down to the swim beach.  The Arctic Tern was perched on one of the nearby buoys.  Unfortunately, the Red Phalarope was not found among dozens of boats and jet skis.

I scoped from the various vantage points around the park that were car accessible, but gave up on walking.  The Red Phalarope was never found.

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