Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jefferson County to Adams County In the Rain

September 11, 2013

Richard Stevens:

The weather today was rainy most of the day; fortunately, winds were slow.  I enjoy birding in this type of weather much.  Some of my best bird count days are like today.

Bryan Ehlmann and I headed to Pine Valley Ranch Park/Pike National Forest to investigate a report of a singing Alder Flycatcher.  Instead of entering the area from Pine Valley Ranch Park, we entered from Pike National Forest to the south.  Two reasons, the park was not open an hour before sunrise and I hoped the hike would be shorter (it was not, but was flatter).

No "empidonax" flycatchers were unfortunately found.  A great consolation prize was a Northern Pygmy-Owl around the rocky "cliffs" (really just an outcropping) along the Strawberry Jack trail about 600 yards south of the Parkview trail.

About another 300 yards north, we heard an American Three-toed Woodpecker drumming below the trail (20 yards east).

Our next stop was Main Reservoir (Jefferson) back on the west side of Denver.  No one had found yesterday's Prothonotary Warbler and neither did we.

It was pouring down rain at Belmar Historic Park (Jefferson).  The Cassin's Vireo and two Townsend's Warblers (first found yesterday) were still at the western edge of the park.  Regrettably, the weather had not brought any additional migrating birds.

The rain continued.  I received a report that Cherry Creek Reservoir was slow.  We had to pass by anyway, so we stopped to show that some patience will be rewarded.  A Pectoral Sandpiper and Snowy Plover were in the southeast corner today (yesterday the northeast corner).

We did not relocate the Black-and-white Warbler I found yesterday at the Abilene Campgrounds, but one of the Townsend's Warblers fluttered about deep in the woods behind campsite # 16.

It was still pouring down rain when we passed through the DIA Owl Loop (Adams).  No owls were out and about.

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