Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bonny Reservoir Wildlife Area and Hale Area, Yuma County

September 16, 2013

Rebecca Kosten: transcript of telephone call:

Richard Stevens & Bryan Ehlmann birding the Eastern Plains

Finally our daily thunderstorms stopped.  Today was a fantastic partly cloudy day with temperatures in the 70s and mild winds.

Bryan Ehlmann and I birded Flagler Reservoir; our target bird the possible Yellow-bellied Flycatcher.

We did not find the Yellow-bellied Flycatcher but did see many nice birds.  These included an Alder Flycatcher, Mourning Warbler, two Nashville Warblers, a Blue-headed Vireo, Cassin's Vireo, Red-bellied Woodpecker and Baltimore Oriole.

It took awhile to get good looks at the Blue-headed Vireo before we saw the contrast behind the bluish gray head and greenish gray back.

Hale Ponds was hopping with birds.  We relocated the Alder Flycatcher along the Republican River, east of CR LL.5.

A Mourning Warbler and surprise Prairie Warbler were west of the Hale Ponds.

Below the Bonny Reservoir dam, we relocated a Cassin's Vireo, Red-eyed Vireo, Ovenbird and Red-bellied Woodpecker.

Misses: the Yellow-billed Cuckoo found yesterday along the Republican River, just west of the Kansas border.  Any Common Poorwills at Hale Ponds.

In the late afternoon, we hiked the Republican River from highway 385 to the Foster's Grove Campgrounds.  It was quite productive with sightings of Great Crested Flycatcher, two Blue-headed Vireos, two Cassin's Vireos, two Red-eyed Vireos, a Townsend's Warbler, Baltimore Oriole, Wild Turkeys, and a couple of House Wrens.

At dusk, we heard an Eastern Screech-Owl!

While setting up camp, another Eastern Screech-Owl was heard back at Hale Ponds.

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