Sunday, August 25, 2013

Teller City and Baker Pass, Jackson County

August 20, 2013

Richard Stevens:

Too many days sleeping in a tent or car, Bryan and I headed to Gould early this morning.  After a few hours of sleep, we drove into Walden for supplies and a warm meal.

A quick stop at Walden Reservoir found few interesting birds.  A pair of Caspian Terns was flying around the northwest corner.  I had not heard whether they had nested here this summer?

Our next stop was the Teller City Ghost Town.  If one has not visited, it is quite interesting along the self-guided hike among the old silver mining town.  A few of the old buildings are still standing.

In addition, we happened upon a male American Three-toed Woodpecker at the northeast end.  We set up "owl listening stations" and headed to the Jack Creek trailhead (end of Jackson County Road 21 EE).

Definitely, our highlight this day was along the hike to Baker Pass (one of the last four Colorado Highest 300 Passes that I had not climbed).  Scurrying across our path, granite colored bird gave us great looks!  Not many birders have recorded a White-tailed Ptarmigan here!!!  We were right along the Continental Divide (GPS waypoint showed that the bird was in Jackson County by 20 feet or so; 40.24171 105.55403).

Later we drove to the end of Forest Road 758 and waited until dark.  A Boreal Owl called along Jack Creek somewhere along the north to south section (40.24077 105.56148).

Our "owl listening stations" picked up two Northern Pygmy-Owls close to Teller City.

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