Sunday, August 25, 2013

Colorado State Forest and Jackson County

August 21-22, 2013

Richard Stevens:

Jerry Petrosky joined us today (8/21) and we drove Jackson County Road 26b thirty minutes before sunrise.  Two Greater Sage-Grouse were observed west of the road (just as it climbs uphill from CR 26).

Upon returning to Walden, we scoped Delaney Butte Lakes Wildlife Area & Lake John Wildlife Area.  A few shorebirds were seen along the west side South Delaney Lake.  These included four Marbled Godwits, two Willets, two American Avocets, four Baird's Sandpipers and a Least Sandpiper.

Lake John Wildlife Area was quite slow.  The Red-necked Grebe reported from 7/10 to 7/12 was not around.

The rest of our birding day was spent in the Colorado State Forest (see Jerry Petrosky's email to "cobirders".

Jerry Petrosky: "Last night we hiked into the Colorado State Forest from the end of Michigan River Road. Boreal Owls were heard at two locations along the South Fork of the Canadian River.

We returned to Ruby Jewell Road, listening for Boreal, and Flammulated Owls early this morning. Unfortunately, none was found. An American Three-toed Woodpecker was up Ruby Jewell Road about 0.2 miles east of Michigan River Road."

Stevens: After Jerry left for Denver, Bryan and I drove Jackson County Road 21B.  Sean Walters reported a White-winged Crossbill 0.8 miles south of Gould on 7/21.  Regrettably, none was found today.

We retired early to prepare for an early start tomorrow.

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