Saturday, August 3, 2013

Heading Toward Denver

July 29, 2013

Richard Stevens:

I could not resist a drive up to the Campgrounds below Mount of the Holy Cross (Eagle).  Our first plan had been the New Castle-Buford Road (Garfield).  Rains and high winds changed those plans.  The road can be quite unbearable the higher one drives.  We will try to return there in a week or so.

The Mt Holy Cross Road is always interesting.  We encountered Dusky Grouse along the road twice!  Two Purple Martins were found at a previous nesting site (2008) along Homestake Creek.

Flammulated Owls were eventually found at four locations (two by our owling listening stations, it was not raining and we were able to put them out!).  All four locations were near GPS waypoints taken in past years (have to love GPS).

A Northern Pygmy-Owl responded to a recording (again not far from a GPS waypoint taken back in 2010.

The Campgrounds below the mountain are primitive however offer a fantastic view!

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