Sunday, June 9, 2013

Search for a Frigatebird, Jackson County

June 8, 2013

Amy Davenport: transcript of telephone call:

Richard Stevens, Rebecca Kosten, Bryan Ehlmann, Sue Ehlmann, Jacob Washburn, Katie Zotti, Ray Simmons and Paula Zimmerman are on a mission in North Park.  They are all searching for a Magnificent Frigatebird reported by Mark Bone (photos).

There were no Frigatebird sightings today.  Stevens and all did find several Willet and Sage Thrashers along the auto tour loop at Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge.  Washburn and all found a Greater Sage-Grouse walking along the road that runs south from the Visitor's Center.

Several Boreal Owls were heard after dark at Cameron Pass.

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