Friday, June 21, 2013

Quick Turnaround to Fremont and Park Counties

June 17, 2013

Rebecca Kosten: transcript of telephone calls:

After arriving late back to Denver last night, Richard Stevens and Bryan Ehlmann were off several hours before sunrise.

Their first stop this morning was Holcim Marsh, east of Florence, Fremont County.  They found both the Tricolored Heron and one of the Least Bitterns!

They continued on to Florence River Park where the Black Phoebe (Joel & Dale Adams, 6/7) was relocated.

A hike up Tunnel Drive west of Canon City, Fremont County relocated a Rufous-crowned Sparrow and several Spotted Towhees.

After hearing about the Pomarine Jaeger at Antero Reservoir, they detoured up Highway 9 and relocated the bird on the south side of the Reservoir.

Owling at Rough and Tumbling Creek and Buffalo Peaks did not find or hear any owls.  They set out three "owl listening stations ("Colorado Field Notes").  Software analysis of the recordings did not find any owls.

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