Monday, April 29, 2013

Grouse Trip Day 4

April 27 into 28, 2013

Rebecca Kosten: transcript of telephone call:

While eating lunch, Richard Stevens, Bob & Jan Miller received a RBA text message about the Eurasian Wigeon in Grand Junction.  They rushed over to the Riverfront Trail east of 29 Road and were able to relocate the bird!

Continuing South, they relocated four Black Phoebes in Escalante Canyon, Delta County.  Two are nesting below the Pinnacle Rock.  No Chukar could be found.

Marbled Godwits and Willets continued at Fruitgrower's Reservoir, Delta County.  A pair of Lewis's Woodpeckers was again found in the tall cottonwoods in front of Evelyn Horn's home below the dam (west of the reservoir).

They ended their birding day at the Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park, Montrose County.  A walk to the Lookout Point about 500 yards west of the South Rim Drive found (heard) a Northern Pygmy-Owl!

At dusk, they watched two male Dusky Grouse display on the South Rim Road, approximately 200 yards east of the west end parking lot.  One female Dusky Grouse gave out of the scrub oak north of the road.

Grouse Trip Day 4

At first light, Stevens and all watched 10+ Gunnison Sage-Grouse display at the Waunita Hot Springs Lek.  Shortly before sunrise and soon after civil twilight, the birds flew west across 804 Road.

They stopped at Monarch Ski Basin but were unable to find any American Three-toed Woodpeckers.

A drive down Swallows Road, south of Highway 50, Pueblo West found two Curve-billed Thrashers and two Scaled Quail.  A Loggerhead Shrike was also reported.

They continued east and stopped at Lake Cheraw, Otero County.  This is one of the best shorebird locations in Colorado.  They found a Red-necked Phalarope, Wilson's Phalaropes, Snowy Plovers, Semipalmated Plovers, several Marbled Godwits and Black-necked Stilts.

A quick detour to the John Martin Reservoir Cattail marsh along Bent County Road JJ added a Black Rail (heard), Virginia Rails and Sora to their trip list.

After dark, they found a Western Screech-Owl at Cottonwood Canyon, Baca County.

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