Saturday, April 13, 2013

DIA Owl Loop and Trip to Wray, Colorado

April 12, 2013

Richard Stevens:

I returned to the DIA Owl Loop early in the morning.  Skies were clear; temperatures were around 18 degrees.

Six Burrowing Owls were scattered over four locations.  This time I observed a Short-eared Owl flying over the field at the south end of Gun Club Road (dead ends off 114th avenue).

At noon, we made our way toward Wray.

A male Lark Bunting was found along Highway 36.  Two dozen Great-tailed Grackles were on the east side of Yuma, Colorado.

We looked over Turkey Vulture kettles at Last Chance (Washington) and Wray (Yuma) in case the Zone-tailed Hawk observed yesterday about 160 miles south was among them.  No such luck for us!

After reaching the Sandhiller Motel in Wray, I enjoyed a walk around the neighborhood.  Two Common Redpolls were in the tall cottonwood at the east end of the motel parking area.

A flock of sparrows at the empty lot at Blake and N. Railroad Avenue caught my eye.  Eighteen White-crowned Sparrows were joined by a White-throated Sparrow.

After sunset, I walked along the railroad tracks and road running west of the motel.  A Long-eared Owl was in the shorter bushes!

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