Saturday, February 16, 2013

Canon City, Florence and Phantom Canyon, Fremont County

February 15, 2013

Richard Stevens:

Jim Oliver, Matt Spencer and I began our birding day with a late start.  We birded mostly in Canon City, waiting for sunset and a search for Spotted Owls up Phantom Canyon (Fremont County).  See March, 2013 "Colorado Field Notes".

Several of the many parks in Canon City were visited.  The Williamson's Sapsucker and Black Phoebe were relocated in Centennial Park.  Rouse Park was quiet as was Veteran's Park.  The flock of Eastern Bluebirds was relocated at Pathfinder Regional Park.  Florence River Park was quiet.  The sapsuckers at Lakeside Cemetery were not found. 

The local "hotspot" for Curve-billed Thrashers added one to our trip list!  A flock of Bushtits was found along the western third of the Arkansas Riverwalk.  We also found a Western Screech-Owl (eastern third).

The Rufous-crowned Sparrows at Tunnel Drive (west of Canon City) could not be found.

About an hour before sunset, we drove to Phantom Canyon Road.  Jim pointed out a Greater Roadrunner "running" east of Fremont County Road 67 (about 0.3 miles north of highway 50).

The four hour search for Spotted Owls was not successful.  It was quite windy up the canyon.  Winds 14-16 mph; gusts to 23 mph.  If the Spotted Owls were calling, it was possible that we were not hearing them.

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