Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Drive Around Sedgwick County

February 9, 2013

Richard Stevens:

Winds were ridiculous today.  Measured at 18-20 mph with gusts to 34 mph.  Holding binoculars steady was a task.  Bryan Ehlmann and I spent most of the day "tidying" up for a rancher friend who broke his leg in a fall.  We loaded Roger into our car and went for a ride just so he could get out of the house.

We visited several neighboring ranches so Roger could show off his new cast (which was not a positive topic of conversation for him, but the neighbors razzed him with great enjoyment).

At what we refer to as private ranch # 2, a pair of Long-eared Owls are "nesting" near an old barn with, surprise a Barn Owl.  The owls are been in close proximity for three or four years now; they appear leave each other alone.

We observed our second Barn Owl of the day at private ranch # 4.  Our second pair of Eastern Screech-Owls was at private ranch # 5.

Not a bad afternoon in howling winds!

After dark Bryan and I walked around Roger's Ranch and found two of his resident Eastern Screech-Owls!

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