Monday, January 28, 2013

Quick Trip to Morgan County

January 28, 2013

Richard Stevens:

Sean Reese and I returned to Jackson Reservoir (Morgan County) this morning.  The weather deteriorated as the day continued.  Temperatures rose to 45 degrees, later dropped to 32 degrees.  It snowed in the late afternoon.

We relocated the birds that Bryan Ehlmann's group reported yesterday afternoon.  A Harris's Sparrow and White-throated Sparrow were in the western Campgrounds.  At least five Long-eared Owls were relocated!

Next Sean and I drove over to Fort Morgan.  No uncommon birds were at Riverside Park on the northwest side of town.  We enjoyed a great surprise by a female type Purple Finch at a private yard in Log Lane Village!

Eastern Screech-Owls were missed at Jackson Reservoir; we rushed over to Brush Wildlife Area for another opportunity.  The resident male Red-bellied Woodpecker was working trees at the northwest corner of the Wildlife Area.

Unfortunately, no Eastern Screech-Owls were enticed to "come out" by our recordings.

Snow fall was more rapid the closer we got back to Denver.

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