Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hustle for First Birds of 2013!

January 1, 2013

Richard Stevens:

A New Year and time to start a 2013 bird list.  Bryan & Sue Ehlmann, Rebecca Kosten and I enjoyed a fantastic first day of the year.

The Acorn Woodpecker was easy to spot along Willow Circle in Colorado Springs (El Paso County).

The Eurasian Wigeon was at Centennial Park in Canon City (Fremont County).  A Greater Roadrunner was observed along the road to Brush Hollow Wildlife Area (Fremont).  A Juniper Titmouse and male Ladder-backed Woodpecker were at the Wildlife Area.

Pueblo Reservoir (Pueblo County) provided some great year birds.  These included a Mew Gull, Great Black-backed Gull, Lesser Black-backed Gulls, Thayer's Gulls, California Gulls, Bonaparte's Gulls and many Ring-billed Gulls.

A Curve-billed Thrasher was again near the trash container at the northern marina.  A Common Redpoll was found at the picnic area.  Both a Pacific Loon and Red-throated Loon were on the lake.

Not a bad start and we were not done.  We missed a Spotted Owl in Fremont County.  However, we found a Northern Saw-whet Owl at the entrance to Phantom Canyon and heard a Northern Pygmy-Owl at Beaver Creek Wildlife Area.

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