Friday, January 18, 2013

Counting Birds At Tamarack Ranch Wildlife Area

January 17, 2013

Richard Stevens:

Roger Danka and I spent most of the day walking many miles of the Tamarack Ranch Wildlife Area (Logan County).  Temperature was warmer than any of the past week (however, only in the middle 40s).  Anemometer readings varied from stead 7 mph to 13 mph (later in the day); gusts were 21 mph.

The best bird was a Stub-tailed Wren around the Tamarack Pond.  This bird was first reported on 12/30.  We watched it and the general area for a good 45 minutes, unfortunately, it never made a sound.

We checked the South Platte River hoping for an American Woodcock (sometimes show up in January along this section of the Platte).  Most of the birds observed were found on my last visit on 12/30.

Common Redpolls, Northern Cardinals, Red-bellied Woodpeckers and Eastern Bluebirds were all relocated.  All are enjoyed be seen again!

We stopped at two local ranches (again to connect with old friends).  Both ranchers keep an eye out for American Woodcocks (none yet this winter; last reported 11/20/2012 & 9/4/2012).

Our birding day ended at the southern sections of Tamarack Ranch Wildlife Area (Logan).  We walked about a mile north from CR 46 and watched for Greater Prairie-Chicken (for a 2013 year bird) and Short-eared Owls.  Eventually a Short-eared Owl was found; no Greater Prairie-Chickens appeared.

Eastern Screech-Owl were found on Roger's Ranch (Sedgwick) after dark.

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