Saturday, December 22, 2012

CoBus North Park Christmas Count & Summit County Birding

December 14, 2012

Richard Stevens:

Bryan and Sue Ehlmann led six other birders on the CoBus North Park Christmas Count.  The report will be in January's "Colorado Field Notes".

They did relocate the three species of Rosy Finches at the Colorado State Forest Visitor's Center, Sharp-tailed Grouse in Steamboat Springs area and Greater Sage-Grouse at a private ranch in Routt County.  After dark, they heard Boreal Owls at 3 Locations.

Meanwhile, I joined German Birder Jurgen Lehnert and we explored Summit County.  At sunrise, 38 Barrow's Goldeneyes were on the Blue River Water Treatment Plant Pond.  Later in the afternoon, there was only one male.  We figured the main flock went over to the open water area of Lake Dillon (southeast corner).

Eventually we found the entire mountain species expected.  Unfortunately only Gray-crowned and Brown-capped Rosy Finches were found.  Most of the day was spent searching for a Black Rosy Finch.

A surprise was a flock of 48 Common Redpolls (turns out to be a first Summit County Record of Common Redpolls).


Birder Rich said...

It turns out that this Common Redpoll sighting was not a first Summit County Sighting.

It was a first Summit County sighting for Jurgen Lehnert and myself!

Birder Rich said...

I should have added that Wendy Paulson saw a flock of Common Redpolls at Keystone on 2/14/2002.

Continued Good Birding!