Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another Unsuccessful Brant Search

December 26, 2012

Richard Stevens:

Jerry Petrosky, Bryan Ehlmann and I circled Aurora and eastern Denver in search of the Brant Jerry found at Aurora Hills Golf Course on December 24.  We stopped at every park within the 42 square miles of Alameda Avenue and Peoria (The Golf Course).

Just to name parks visited to show our earnest, we searched:
Aurora Hills Golf Course
Highline Park
Delmar Park
Hoffman Park
Havana Park
Freedom Park
Nome Park
Jewell Park
Fulton Park
Mayfair Park
Crestmoor Park
McMullin Park
BiCentennial Park
Aurora City Center
Delaney Farm Park
Centerpoint Park
Tollgate Park
Rocky Ridge
Wheeling Park
Expo Park
Canterbury Park
Village East Park
Lowry Park
Peoria Hills Park
Utah Park
Village Green Park
Highline Hollows Park
Side Creek Park
Tierra Park
Panorama Park
Crestridge Park
Olympic Park
Eagle Park
Meadowood Park
Seven Hills Park
Eldorado Park
Great Plains Park
Montclair Park
Kittredge Park
Denison Park
Springhill Park
Apache Mesa Park

We did find that there are many parks in Aurora and we did not cover the whole town!

NO Brant, Greater White-fronted Goose or Ross's Goose.  They flew the coop!

Afterwards, Bryan and I headed to eastern Denver County.  The lakes there were ice covered.  Wind chills last night were -13 degrees.  The temperature at noon was 20 degrees and dropped from there.

No uncommon geese were found.  Some White-cheeked Geese, however not as many as before the snowstorm on Monday.

We passed through the DIA Owl Loop at sunset.  No owls found, a pair of Northern Harriers hunted along 96th avenue.  Only about 120 Horned Larks were seen; numbers down greatly from years past.

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