Friday, December 28, 2012

Birding in Broomfield and Adams County

December 28, 2012

Richard Stevens:

I was on my own today, no birding partners.  The temperature reached 32 degrees; it felt mild in the areas where there was little wind.  First, I checked the Broomfield Ponds near the Anthem Community.

Anthem Community Park Pond (Parkside Center) was scoped three times and Sienna Pond twice (between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm).

Highlights at Parkside Center Pond were an adult and 4th cycle Lesser Black-backed Gulls and two adult Thayer's Gulls.  A couple of California, a dozen+ Herring Gulls were among half a thousand Ring-billed Gulls.

Ring-billed Gulls and a dozen+ Herring Gulls were the mixed at Sienna Pond.  A 1st cycle Thayer's Gull was the highlight.

No sign of an Iceland-type Gull or Mew Gull were observed at either pond.  I also checked behind the Medical Clinic were 2 Herring Gulls were with 31 Ring-billed Gulls.

When I passed the South Platte Birding Area (88th and Colorado Blvd), I took the time to make a quick walk to just south of the green and white tower.  Highlight was 2 male and 2 female Barrow's Goldeneyes among just about all of the common wintering ducks found in Colorado.

East and most of the West Gravel Lakes were ice covered.  No Long-tailed Ducks were found.

My birding day ended at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (Adams County).  Lake Ladora and Lower Derby Lakes were mostly ice and snow covered.  Two Mallards swam in a small open water area of the southeast corner of Ladora.

Someone had filled the feeders near the Contact Station.  Perhaps quite recently, as only a couple of American Tree Sparrows and Dark-eyed Juncos visited the eastern feeders and four House Finches visited the western feeders.

The arsenal stays open until 6:00 pm and I took advantage to stay until after civil twilight.  The highlight of the rather cold wait was a Long-eared Owl.

While 58 Bald Eagles had been reported the day before, only one white belly Bald Eagle was found this afternoon.

I enjoyed the full moon with a drive around the DIA Owl Loop (Adams).  Nothing unusual was found although a Great Horned Owl was found near 56th avenue and Buckley Road!

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