Monday, March 21, 2011

Birding In the Mountains

March 20, 2011

Richard Stevens:

After dropping Bryan Ehlmann off from our all night owl trip, I met up with Randy and Carol Cross and we headed into the mountains.

Several Barrow's Goldeneyes were still at the Blue River Water Treatment Plant (Summit County).

We found two White-tailed Ptarmigan on Loveland Pass. They were walking east of the first line of evergreen trees south of the Summit, east side of Hwy 6.

Our stop at Genesee Mountain Park (Jefferson) was quite successful. We found a pair of Williamson's Sapsuckers northwest of the group picnic area. The male appears to like the telephone pole on the west side of the building as a drumming post (as the case in past years).

Many birds flew around the park. We found 3 species of nuthatches, Pine Siskins, Mountain Chickadees, and Red Crossbills.

Red Rocks Park (Jefferson) did not disappoint either. All uncommon birds made an appearance: Curve-billed Thrasher, Harris's Sparrow, Golden-crowned Sparrow and 2 White-throated Sparrows.

With just a little patience, we eventually saw both the Peregrine Falcon and Prairie Falcon pairs. I hope that they will nest successfully.

I ended my birding day again with a drive around the DIA Owl Loop. No owls were found. Ferruginous Hawks were at the prairie dog town at 3.4 miles east of Tower Road and 96th avenue and at the power plant at 128th avenue and Powhaton Road.

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