Monday, March 14, 2011

Back in Logan/Sedgwick Counties

March 12, 2011

Richard Stevens:

Too many miles on the old body yesterday, we hung around Roger's most of the day. A short drive to DePoorter Lake allowed for an easy walk to work off lunch. Two Harris's Sparrows were along the South Platte River. A Field Sparrow was just across the closed gate at the southwest corner.

We searched for a Northern Bobwhite. In past years, they were an easy find in the tall grasses at the southwest hill or around the old dump. Finally, one did jump out of the underbrush at the old dump!

Julesburg Wayside Rest Stop was very quiet. Only a couple of Northern Flickers flew about. It is still winter looking up here. Dry, dirty yellow colored grasses, bare bushes and no birds.

When we stopped at the Julesburg Rest Stop, one of the volunteers mentioned a Northern Cardinal. We had to go for it. The landowner preferred that we did not give out his address. The Northern Cardinal probably can be seen off and on at the Julesburg Elementary School at Plum & 7th Streets. Walking the north side of the school would be best.

Our birding day ended with a barbecue, crisp night and an Eastern Screech-Owl calling in the distance at Roger's ranch.

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