Friday, October 29, 2010

Aurora Reservoir and Search for a Jaeger

October 20, 2010

Richard Stevens:

Arapahoe County: I am over at Bill Cryder's home south of Aurora Reservoir. He saw a dark juvenile jaeger early this morning. He watched it fly from the southwest corner to southeast corner, then north. Bill believes it disappeared over the dam. Jerry Petrosky had a similar experience on Sunday. The jaeger has not returned since I came over around Noon.

As I was answering a few emails, Bill called out that the juvenile dark jaeger was back at the southeast corner of Aurora Reservoir. This is the swim beach area where many of the gulls spend the day. The other good location for gulls is the shore at mile 1.5. This is better as few people visit the area. It requires a good walk to get there. I got a far off glimpse of the jaeger as it flew to the west-northwest. We are going to wait a while and then checkout Quincy and Cherry Creek Reservoirs, which are in the direction the Gull, flew.

We did not relocate the Jaeger at Quincy or Cherry Creek Reservoir (Arapahoe County).

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