Saturday, August 14, 2010

Owling Trip, Larimer and Jackson Counties

August 11, 2010

Rich Stevens and I motored to Cameron Pass to do some owling. Several stops were made along the way.

Timnath Reservoir, Larimer County was scoped for shorebirds.

Birds along the east side:
Baird's Sandpipers: 22
Western Sandpiper: 2
Semipalmated Sandpiper: 1
Least Sandpipers: 2
Spotted Sandpipers: 2
Lesser Yellowlegs: 7
Greater Yellowlegs: 1
Wilson's Phalaropes: 2

From the west side:
Red-necked Phalaropes: 2 in southwest corner
Spotted Sandpipers: 3

At dusk we arrived at Pennock Pass and found Flammulated Owls at two locations.

Later, Boreal Owls were found at three locations in the Cameron Pass area. Several areas were searched: Crags Campgrounds, Joe Wright Reservoir upper and lower parking lots, Cameron Pass' summit, Ruby Jewel Road and Michigan Creek Road.

Email for suggestions on finding either owl (see Colorado Birding Society website for contact emails, sorry I don't know security level of this blog as to whether email addresses can be sucked off by spammers)?

Winds were almost non-existent. The quarter moon lit up the forest. Bird sounds were everywhere! It was perfect night for owling!

August 12, 2010

Today was much different from yesterday. Most of the day, winds were 18 mph with gusts to 26. They died down briefly at sunset, but quickly picked up again after dark.

Rich Stevens and I hiked around Ranger Lakes Campgrounds, Jackson County in the morning. We found a Three-toed Woodpecker, 2 Red-naped Sapsuckers and a male Williamson's Sapsucker, several Pine Grosbeaks and a flock of Evening Grosbeaks.

Next we hiked the one mile trail to Zimmerman Lake, Larimer County. We also made the 1.7 mile Lake Loop. Two Three-toed Woodpeckers were seen at 0.6 miles from the trailhead.

Late in the afternoon, we hiked 4.5 miles down the Michigan Ditch trail, Jackson County. The trail/road is accessed across from the Cameron Pass summit.

Shortly after midnight, we got a Boreal Owl to respond to our tapes, actually digital recordings. Others may have answered, but the strong winds made it almost impossible to hear anything.

August 13, 2010

Rich Stevens and I found several Three-toed Woodpeckers on our hike out. The trail is listed as the "Never Summer Mountain Trail" on some maps. It ends below Lulu Mountain and about 2.0 miles from the summit to Mount Richthofen. The Woodpeckers were about 1.2 miles from Highway 14.

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