Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brief Return to Rocky Mountain Arsenal

August 18, 2010

Richard Stevens:

While most of the day was spent doing chores, I did manage to get in a little birding.

At first light, I returned to Rocky Mountain Arsenal. A male Townsend's Warbler was found along the creek that runs west from the outlet of Lower Derby Lake. I did not relocate the Cassin's Vireo nor did I hike over to the Rod and Gun Club Pond.

Late in the afternoon after temperatures dropped, we biked outside of the east side of Rocky Mountain Arsenal (Buckley Road between 56th and 88th avenue). No Sage Thrashers today, but the Burrowing Owl count was 3 in Adams County (inside the arsenal) and 5 in Denver County (east of Buckley Road).

Burrowing Owls were also seen in the field west of Tower Road at 0.2 miles north of 56th avenue and 3.4 miles east of Tower Road and 96th avenue. No Short-eared Owl could be found.

For those who have not noticed, I added a new feature to Colorado's number one Birding Website. Bird Sightings are now shown on a Colorado map for easy reference to where the Uncommon Bird Sightings are located.

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