Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cherry Creek Reservoir FOS Blue-winged Teal

March 7, 2010

Richard Stevens:

Thirty minutes before sunrise, I sat near Cherry Creek where it crosses the main road at Cherry Creek Reservoir (Arapahoe County). I wanted to see if any Short-eared Owls would show up, none did.

Later, I relocated the Blue-winged Teal reported on 3/5 by Mark Mackenzie on the Cottonwood Creek Wetlands Pond. Most of the ducks eventually flew toward the 12 mile Beaver Pond. There was not much else moving about this morning. The Pelican count is up to 18.

Late morning, Rebecca Kosten and I went for a walk at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (Adams). The Harris's Sparrow visited the eastern feeder for about 6 minutes. It was not seen in the next 20 minutes and we left.

Lake Ladora is mostly ice with a small open water area. No birds were there. Two Song Sparrows were flying about the southeast corner of Ladora.

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