Monday, December 28, 2009

Return to Red Rocks Park in a Snowstorm

December 23, 2009

Richard Stevens:

Rebecca and I drove across Denver and visited Red Rocks Park (Jefferson County) this afternoon. The Golden-crowned Sparrow was underneath the platform feeder when we arrived. After 5 minutes, it worked its way up the gully to the north. We saw it briefly below the wishing well; then it disappeared. It did not return in the hour and 20 minutes of our stay.

Other birds visiting the area included: Spotted Towhee (3) Western Scrub-Jay (7) Red-winged Blackbird (2) Dark-eyed Junco (various races: 42+) Northern Flicker (1) Song Sparrow (2) Black-billed Magpie (2)

We carefully made our way back home at 3:45 pm; roads became quite slick when it started to snow again.

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