Sunday, December 6, 2009

Return to Jackson County

November 28 and 29, 2009

Richard Stevens:

November 28

We went up to Jackson County late afternoon. Boreal Owls were found at two locations near the top of Cameron Pass. Early this morning we drove to CR 26 but missed the Greater Sage-Grouse found yesterday by Bryan and Sue Ehlmann.

November 29

Driving the roads early in the morning around John Lake Wildlife Area a light gray phase Gryfalcon was seen flying south-southeast at 2.6 miles northeast of Lake John.

On the way back to Denver, we received a text message that 5 Trumpeter Swans were at a holding pond along Squaw Pass Road (Jefferson). We detoured over and relocated the swans about 1.1 miles west of Highway 74 (near Evergreen).

Later we discovered that these geese maybe domestic. Two adult Black Swans were also on the holding pond.

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