Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Return to Cherry Creek Reservoir

October 13, 2008

Richard Stevens:

While doing chores I took advantage of the beautiful fall day in Colorado and walked around Cherry Creek Reservoir (Arapahoe County) in the mid afternoon.

I was looking for any flocks of warblers or small birds; never ran into any. The small groups of gulls (southwest sandbar, eastern sand spit, swim beach) were scoped for the Mew Gull; without success.

At least two Sabine's Gulls (possibly 3) were swimming off the Lake Loop. Several dozen California Gulls and a Herring Gull were mixed in with the dozens of Ring-billed Gulls at the swim beach.

The loose raft of Western Grebes was scoped briefly for a Red-necked Grebe; again without success.

The lack of songbirds at the Lake Loop, Cottonwood Creek Loop, 12 mile picnic area, and northern Smoky Hill group picnic area was a little surprising. Not one Black-capped Chickadee was found during my 4 hour visit.

A small flock of 6-8 Chipping Sparrows fluttered about the Smoky Hill Picnic Area. Two Brewer's Sparrows skulked around the campground amphitheater.

The sun shining through the golden leaves made for quite a spectacle; some birds to identify would have been nice.

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