Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Birding North Park

October 6, 2008

Richard Stevens:

Tom Jenkins and I started our birding day at Pine Valley Ranch Park and Pike National Forest (Jefferson County).

It took several hours but we finally managed to find an American Three-toed Woodpecker. An adult female wandered south (uphill) of the Strawberry Jack Trail at approximately 200 yards west of the Parkview Trail. No Northern Pygmy-Owls answered my pitiful imitation of their call.

We decided to drive up and look for the Ovenbird reported by Hartley on 10/4 at Snow Mountain Ranch (Grand). While the Ovenbird was not found, a Harris's Sparrow wandered around the Legget building. On the trip up, half a dozen Rosy Finches were observed flying around the cliffs North of Kremmling.

A detour over to the Colorado State Forest Visitor's Center did not find any additional Rosy Finches.

Just before midnight, we found a Boreal Owl up Ruby Jewel Road in the Colorado State Forest.

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