Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Birding on the West Side of Denver

November 27, 2007

I searched for the Harris's Sparrow reported on Saturday at Bear Creek Lake Park (Jefferson County); without success. I would have searched for the Harris's Sparrow up Turkey Creek Road, but could not remember directions.

So I continued up Highway 285 and ended my birding day at Mt. Falcon Park (Jefferson). It the past Northern Pygmy-Owls have come out to hunt around dusk at the upper meadow. Unfortunately, none came out tonight.

I hiked over to the old castle and about 1000 yards further east in search of Dusky Grouse; again without success. All three nuthatches were found. I also ran into a flock of 9 Red Crossbills. I recorded their calls, but have to check my master recordings before deciding which race they belonged.

The pleasant day (temps in 50s, mild winds) did end with a colorful sunset over Denver to the east.

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