Saturday, February 24, 2007

Drive Around DIA Owl Loop & Barr Lake

February 24, 2007

While out doing chores, I stopped by Barr Lake (Adams County) and drove the DIA Owl Loop. After last night’s snow melted, roads were clear and temperatures reached 40 degrees.

The Harris's Sparrow did not make an appearance in the hour I watched the Visitor Center’s feeders. Sparrows were rare; I only observed 3 White-crowned and 2 American Tree Sparrows.

The DIA Owl Loop was slow also. Horned Lark count was only 21 birds. Not much else was seen. It’s too early for Burrowing Owls; prairie dog villages were filled with dogs looking for food and sunning themselves.

Raptor count was 2 Red-tailed Hawks and an American Kestrel. No Short-eared Owls were seen this evening.

I also stopped by Lakecrest at Gateway Park. This maybe where many of the gulls are in the local area. I counted 219 Ring-billed Gulls and 11 Herring Gulls. Waterfowl included Ring-necked Ducks, Mallards, Gadwalls, Common Goldeneyes, and American Coots.

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