Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Afternoon Drive on the Eastern Plains

February 5, 2007

In the afternoon, Rebecca Kosten and I journeyed out to the eastern plains on this fantastic winter day. Temperatures reached 48 degrees; winds were mild.

First we circled Mira Vista Golf Course (Denver County) in search of the Greater White-fronted Goose reported by Terry Michaels on Sunday. We could not relocate the goose.

Next we tried for the Ross's Goose reported by Karl Stecher west of Buckley Road and Orchard (Arapahoe) on Sunday. Again without success.

I hope everyone notice our marvelous sunset. Colorado has some great ones in the winter. Tonight’s was exceptional.

We drove for several hours east of Aurora Reservoir (Arapahoe) in search of owls. Whenever we came upon a riparian area, we would stop and listen. Great Horned Owls were heard (and seen) at 3 different locations. Unfortunately, no Short-eared Owls or Barn Owls could be found.

Our Raptor count included: 5 Red-tailed Hawks, 4 American Kestrels, 1 Rough-legged Hawk, 2 Ferruginous Hawks, and a Prairie Falcon!

The drive on the plains with little traffic and great views of snow covered Pikes Peak, Mt. Evans, and Longs Peak to the west was well worth the trip. Listening to Great Horned Owls call in search of a companion was an added bonus!

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