Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Drive Around Adams County

February 25, 2007

We stopped briefly at 74th avenue and the S. Platte River. The male Long-tailed Duck was below the 74th avenue bridge. I hike the west side of the river down to the 78th avenue footbridge, crossed the river, and hiked back along the east side of the Platte. The sun was at my back on the return trip and one is also closer to the river. It is then possible to cross back west by way of 74th avenue (highway 224). Total distance is only 0.5 miles. I was not able to find the Harris's Sparrow reported several weeks ago.

Since last Thursday, Tani Reservoir and West Gravel Lakes have lost most of their ice/snow cover. The Long tailed Duck and Barrows Goldeneyes may move over to them often now.

Rebecca Kosten and I drove the DIA Owl Loop in the afternoon. A stop at Barr Lake (Adams County) did not find the Harris's Sparrow (missed two days in a row now). Sparrows included 11 American Tree Sparrows, 1 Song Sparrow, and 2 White-crowned Sparrows.

We did not find much around the Owl Loop. Just a few Horned Larks along Trussville Road.

We enjoyed Subway sandwiches and diet cokes at the “Barr Lake Snow Goose Festival” :-) We watched 900+ Canada Geese and 1 Snow Goose at 128th avenue and Tower Road.

Over 600 gulls (Ring-billed and 17 Herring) were on the ice at Lakecrest at Gateway Park. Nothing uncommon was found; watching the many gulls, geese, and few Common Mergansers was enjoyable.

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Anonymous said...

Funny comment "Barr Lake Snow Goose Festival" Wonder how many others have a sense of rumor like that? Gary Z